Sales Meeting 4/14/14 – Focused Practice

Being above average takes above average effort and practice. ┬áIf you want your business to improve… you must work on improving yourself first.┬áNever stop learning and you will never stop growing. CLICK HERE FOR NOTES

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What Actions Will Bring You Business Today?

You hold the key to your success. Watch this video to learn what actions need to be taken to supercharge your day.

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Sales Meeting 4/7/2014 – The Importance of Practice

There will never be a day that you cannot be one level better than you are today. This is great news! It means that there are no limits to how great a salesperson you can become… as long as you are willing to practice. CLICK HERE FOR NOTES

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Action Breeds Success

We all choose how we want to live, but the only way to achieve success is by taking action. That means it’s more about what you do than what others around you do. When you do what you are supposed to do, suddenly… life gets better.

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Expand Your Possibilities

Think about your belief systems and the way you think and talk about yourself. Do you talk yourself out of your possibilities before you have even begun? You must stop limiting yourself! Change the way you think about yourself and expand your possibilities.

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Focus On Your Potential

Whatever you focus on is the direction in which you will go. Don’t look at your limitations when what you need to focus on is your potential.

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