Sales Meeting 10-13-14, What is Stubbornness Costing You?

Sometimes, we are the only ones that are in our way. Stubbornness can cause a lifetime of grief and a life load of regret. Let go of stubbornness and step into success. CLICK HERE FOR NOTES

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Sales Meeting 10-6-2014, Be Hard To Stop

How successful you can become really depends on how hard you are to stop. Anybody can start something…but it takes true self discipline to keep going.

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What’s Behind Every 10th Door?

Most buyers and sellers already live in homes… a great way to find them is to knock on their doors. Watch now and find out what’s behind every 10th door.

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Are You Working To Your Potential?

No one is born successful, but everyone is born with the potential to be successful. Watch now and be inspired to go to your next level, to work on reaching your potential.

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Are You Really Prepared?

Good preparation is a critical key to success. Watch now and learn what  you should be doing today to convert your opportunities into income.

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What Is In Your Future?

How you think and what you do today determines your future.  Watch now and learn what to do today to positively change your tomorrow.

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