Sales Meeting 8-18-2014, Earl Salter – Tax Expert, Federally Enrolled Agent

Guest speaker Earl Salter speaks about “acceptable” tax write offs. Cancellation of debt on a personal residence has changed. Know the tax rules and avoid problems.

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Do You Have Self Discipline?

If you use this one thing everyday for several years….it will change your life. Watch now and learn how to dramatically change your future by doing what other’s won’t do.

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Sales Meeting 8-11-2014, Always Do Your Best

Every one who has succeeded at a high level started at the beginning; having nothing more than a desire to succeed. Hard work, perseverance and the willingness to be their best is the only thing that separates an average person from a highly successful person. CLICK HERE FOR NOTES

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Times Have Changed, Shouldn’t You?

For years and years most of our prospecting leads came from phone calls to “land-lines,” but this type of lead generation has dramatically slowed down. Many people no longer have home phones and those who have them often don’t answer, thinking that an annoying salesperson is calling. Watch now and learn what you should be […]

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Sales Meeting 8-4-2014, An Enemy Called Average

Don’t be pulled into the limiting belief that above average agents are above average individuals. They all started small and with those first tentative steps that all people take. The only difference is that they use the power of self discipline to repeat income producing activities because they trust and believe that taking action everyday […]

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Is Your Ego In the Way?

If you want to succeed, you must get your ego out of the way. Watch now and learn how to set your ego aside and dramatically increase your business.

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