Do You Have a Productive Database?

Your database should be producing business for you. Watch now to find out if your database is bringing you the business it should be bringing….. and what to do if it isn’t.

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Are You Prospecting Efficiently?

Don’t just go through the motions, be strategic when you are prospecting for business. Watch now…. there’s a better way to obtain new business.

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Do You Have Too Much Freedom?

You can either commit to creating wealth now, or commit to digging yourself out of a financial hole later. Watch now…. too much freedom kills initiative.

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Sales Meeting 1-25-2016, Creating A Schedule That Works

What matters most about your schedule is how much of it you can realistically follow and whether or not it’s aimed at achieving your goals. Make sure to balance it with what you want in life and keep yourself accountable to it.

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Are You Skipping Steps?

There are no short cuts to success so don’t skip steps. People that skip steps create holes that will weaken their business overtime.

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Are You Asking For Guidance?

In order to become better, you must reach outside of yourself for information and guidance. You should be seeking guidance from those that are more successful than you are. Don’t hesitate to ask….many people are just waiting to share their wisdom.

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