5 Reasons Why Scripts Can Help You Make More Money

5 Reasons Why Scripts Can Help You Make More Money

Have you ever wondered why some agents who prospect get a few appointments per week while others get none? Why do you think that is? One of the secrets and differences is that the agents making many appointments know exactly what to say.


1. Learning Scripts is a Skill

It’s common for agents who are unfamiliar with scripts to make an attempt to learn a script, stumble, and quickly decide that scripts don’t work for them. Agents need to understand that learning scripts is a skill that requires practice. Set aside some time every day and read over the script you are learning.

2. Using Scripts Increases your level of Confidence

Your confidence is directly correlated to your understanding of the market, knowing what to say and how to say it in all selling situations. If you memorize and internalize scripts to handle all type of sales scenarios, you will feel and be unstoppable! If you are not prepared regarding what to say, you should expect to fumble and stumble, look unprepared and probably not get the listing or sale.

3. You Gain Control by Using Scripts

Scripts are strategically designed for you to ask questions that help you stay on message and on-track, and keep you feeling confident. When you ask scripted questions, you learn what is important to your client; you will be ready to tackle your clients concerns. If you don’t guide your client, through the use of scripted dialogue, there is a good chance that your client will take away your control. How do you typically feel when you lose control of a situation?  No control in a situation where control is critical shows weakness. Your clients want to hire a powerful agent.

4. Scripts Make You Effective and Efficient

Has there ever been a time when you went off on a tangent during a conversation with your client? Either you or they transitioned into some random conversation that had nothing to do with the sale or appointment?  Scripts are like railroad tracks that help you go in the direction you want to go. If you were to ever go “off-track”, the script would help you jump on again. Your clients are not meeting with you to make a new friend, all they want to do is get their home on the market and get it sold.

5. Scripts Make Transform You Into an Effective Closer

Years of experience has shown that you need to “close” your client at least five times before you get the sale. Scripts are created in a way for you to close several times over in a natural and non- confrontational manner. How many sales people do you know who are afraid to close? If you have someone even remotely interested in selling their house, you need to take action ASAP, because if you don’t, they’ll probably get a call from an agent who’s ready to close.

Our System for Learning Scripts

Recently, our Century 21 Masters office was named the #2 Century 21 office in the entire United States. Our agents generally know what to do and what to say to produce results. Imagine if you were practicing and internalizing scripts for 30 minutes a day, for 5 days+ a week.  You could probably master the scripts in a couple of weeks, couldn’t you? That’s just one of the several areas we focus on to train our agents to become comfortable and confident to list and sell more homes in less time.  By the way, even if you’re not looking to change offices, if your market area is in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, or Orange County,  read this.

Are you using scripts now?  If so, can you present them powerfully enough?  What type of commitment will you make to learning your scripts within the next 4 weeks?

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