We are half way into 2010... Are you still on-track to meet your goals?

If you are not where you want to be... isn't it time to make a change?

Are you ready to escape the Real Estate Wonderland of no business models, no systems, and no hope?

Or maybe you’ve been miserable, uncertain, and just plain unhappy with the direction this "career" is taking you...

Are you starting to realize that you need some change? If so… good. You’re who I want reading this.

According to the MLS, in 2009, the average real estate agent in our market place did an average of 2.78 deals... that's for the entire year! With our average commission check at $8,263, that's only $22,973...

In 2009, the average Century 21 Masters agent closed 14.42 deals, earning around $116,897.

Here are 10 Areas We Focus On With Our Agents

(Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10)

  • Creating a workable schedule that focuses on family first
  • Prospecting
  • Role Playing/ Scripts Training
  • Listing Presentation
  • Contracts
  • Mindset/Motivation/Inspiration
  • Working with FSBO's & Expireds
  • Working Efficiently with Buyers
  • Tracking Numbers
  • Online Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs) & Offline Marketing

Now add up your score...

If your score is less than 80, you may need to begin thinking about switching companies...


“Being at Century 21 Masters has taught me how to be a true professional salesperson.  Sure, there are lots of companies, yet there is only one Neil Schwartz… he genuinely wants his agents to succeed.  The training and the support I get at the company is head and shoulders above the rest.  With Neil’s coaching I have been able to grow my business every year, been a Centurion for 4 years and this year I am on track for my best year ever (In a down economy) Thanks Neil.”

-Monica Diaz



Why Are Century 21 Masters’ Agents So Successful?

Has there ever been a time when you went to a sales training seminar that got you to feel fired up, excited and motivated? Then as time went by, what happened to those feelings? They vanished, didn't they?

Now, imagine if you maintained the excitment and motivation… Your production would probably increase, wouldn’t it?

Masters' agents maintain those powerful feelings because they are constantly reminded of what it takes to succeed… and are surrounded by other hard working goal driven agents.

Our high energy environment and coachable agents have propelled us to become, the #1 office in California, and the #2 in the United States.

Does your current office provide the sales support Masters does?? Does your manager or broker work with you, on your goals, your schedule and hold you accountable?

Free Personal Coaching

Having coached not only Mike’s Ferry’s clients, but also his coaches, I have created a powerful customized coaching program exclusively for Century 21 Masters Agents. Every week, we look at your progress, track your numbers, work “on” your business and work with you to meet and even exceed your goals.


Free Social Media Coaching

Let’s face it… it seems as if every Real Estate Agent in town has jumped on the Twitter/Facebook bandwagon.

  • “Social Networking is the wave of the future”
  • “Real Estate transactions will be made on Twitter and Facebook”
  • “If you don’t use Twitter or Facebook, you’ll lose a lot of business.”

Messages like these are deceiving and are leading agents to waste a lot of time that would be much better spent on other avenues to grow their business, like PROSPECTING. I will teach you what you need to know about how you should market yourself online using these platforms.

Free Admission to Mike Ferry Seminars

Century 21 Masters Agents are coached on a daily basis to succeed. In addition to our in-house training and coaching, we provide our agents FREE admission to Mike Ferry seminars.

Since I find all of Mike's events to be so powerful, I joined an executive management group, which entitles my agents to attend most Mike Ferry Events at no charge. Also, I will pay for 1/2 the admission value for the Superstar Retreat, held in Las Vegas. If you would like to hear Mike Ferry interview me as one of the top brokers in the country… click here.

Who You Surround Yourself With is Who You Become

Surround yourself with some of the highest producing Real Estate Agents in your area. Energy and enthusiasm is contagious!

If you are looking to work for a Real Estate office with high energy,amazing supporttraining, and free admittance to Mike Ferry events, join Century 21 Masters, the real estate company that will coach you to success.


“People say to us all the time, “You could go anywhere, even open your own office.  Why do you stick with Century 21 Masters?”  The answer is simple.  Neil Schwartz.  Not only is he a great Broker and Coach, but through his leadership we have maintained Grand Centurion Status for the last 8 years, sold over 60 million annually and are on track for our best year ever, in the worst market ever…That’s why!”

- Mark Cofer and Al Jafarkani


Give us a try and come visit one of our Sales Meetings at our office in WALNUT, CA (57 Freeway, off Grand) on Monday mornings at 9:00am. See what we are all about.

You have nothing to lose... you’ll come out of the meeting with some powerful sure-fire ways to get businesses right away.

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