“I think I will wait until next year to sell”


What should you say to a seller who wants to buy a larger home but then states, “I think I will wait until next year to sell!” This is the moment you wish you had the critical skills necessary to handle this scenario. This is the point at which great agents walk away with the listing and average agents just go home. So, which agent do you want to be? The one that walks out with the listing or the one that explains to the family why you have nothing in escrow and nothing listed?

See the video below for details…

Luckily for you, you have options. Start here:

Do you know what your seller needs to hear and how to say it? Do you know if your listing lead is a serious seller? Knowing your scripts and dialogues is the only way to handle both issues.

  • You must know what questions to ask before going to the appointment so that you know if you truly have a serious seller.
  • Once you get to the appointment, you must be able to handle and control the objections and the direction and outcome of the listing appointment.
  • The only way to do this is to practice, drill and rehearse at a high level with high performing agents.

If you want a chance to practice scripts at a high level, come out to one of our phone blitz programs. If you make it a weekly habit and do everything in your power to be a better qualifier and listing agent…your business will be transformed beyond imagination!

Give yourself and your family the greatest gift of all…….the power to change a no to a YES!


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