Do You Know What Your Clients Want?

Closing deals depends on how well you can address your clients needs. How do you find out what their needs are? Learn to ask more questions.

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Is It Time To Improve Your Communication Skills?

If this is a “talk to the people business”, you need to be communicating at the highest level. The more versatile you can become in your communication style, the more money you will make.

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What’s The Most Important Part Of The Sale?

The better your presentation is, the higher your close rate will be…..because you practiced! They all go hand in hand.

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Be Aware Of The Messages You Are Sending

Clients need to know you are interested in their needs and you need to know their motivation. Watch now….there’s an art to getting the information you need.

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What Is The Bedrock Of Your Business?

Having a listing contract creates stability that buyers just can’t provide. Do yourself and your business a favor……get some listings!

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Sales Meeting 4-17-2017, Hesitation Is Costing You Money

It takes a split second to stop yourself from moving forward. Everyday hesitations over time add up to hours of not taking action. Business is out there….learn to move out of hesitation and into action.

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