2 Words… “Work Hard”

Most people believe that they will wake up someday and find themselves rich. Thomas Edison said that those people have it halfway right…  Because eventually, those people wake up and find themselves with nothing.  What are you going to do to wake up now, so you don’t wake up years from now with nothing?

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4 Skills to Pay the Bills

FACT: Real Estate is hard. In fact, according to the NAR … it’s so hard that more than 70% of newly licensed agents are out of the business within the first 7 months.  Then, approximately another 50% of those new licensees fall out of the business within their first 1-2 years.  If you’re in the […]

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work hard

How to Prepare for Tomorrow… Today!

We’re now 6 months into the year… where are you with your goals? Perhaps a few of you are surpassing your goals, and some of you are on track, but the majority of you are not close to reaching your goals or may not even remember the goals you set! Keep this thought in mind: […]

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The Sky Is Falling

“The Sky is Falling” Optimism vs. Pessimism

Most people are under the impression that optimistic people are living in a fantasy land where everything is possible and nothing will happen. Then you have most pessimistic people who defend their responses by saying that they’re not a pessimist, but a “realist”.  In the end guys, pessimistic people can say whatever they want because […]

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Why It Pays to Be Consistent

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The Key To Success & Failure, is the Same

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