Sales Meeting 8-21-17, Start Everyday With A Plan

Understand that sticking to your plan pays off in the long run. It takes repetition of good habits, patience and diligence. Keep going and stick to the plan.

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Is Your Schedule Getting In The Way Of Your Productivity?

Your daily schedule should allow for an increase in productivity, not conflicts of interest that interfere with your success. Watch now….the key to productivity is in your schedule.

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Are You Acting Like A Professional?

Superstar agents are superstars because they act like professionals. Professionals are specific about how they do the things that matter most. Watch now and find out if you’re acting like a professional.

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Success Is At The End Of The Road

Be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grateful for the struggle it takes to become great. Only the best can push past it. 

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Your Competition Is In The Mirror

The only plans that count are the ones you promised to work on. Keep the promises you have made to yourself and get it done.

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Do You Have The Patience It Takes To Become Successful?

Success takes time and patience. Hang in there….you are moving in the direction of your goals everyday you make the decision to take action.

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