Stop Kidding Yourself!

What matters most? Your comfort level or your success? Whatever it is, admit it so you can make the changes necessary to be successful. You can either keep telling yourself the story you have endlessly repeated in your head as to why you can’t succeed, or you can change it. You can’t do both. Which one will it be?


2 Responses to “Stop Kidding Yourself!”

  1. Alexander Hendrickson 05. Mar, 2015 at 5:56 PM #

    Comfort is definitely an important thing to have in a position, but if you’re altogether too comfortable that can be a sign of complacency. Unless you’re one of the rare beings that can take big risks and continually expand without feeling the pinch, 24-7 comfort may mean you need to step outside the box a little bit!

    There’s the comfort that comes from being an innovator, pushing the envelope a bit, and enjoying the new successes that spring from temporary lack of comfort, and then there’s the comfort that comes from security of never trying something new.

    Which one is better for YOU? I think it determines what kind of success you experience.


    Neil Schwartz Reply:

    Thanks for your input Alexander. It sounds like you have a great grip on balancing and growing your business and recognize this concept well. As I always say, if you’re not at least a little bit uncomfortable, you probably aren’t growing. So….keep growing and keep going!



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