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The Real Definition of Hard Work for a Real Estate Agent

As a broker and coach for one of the most successful real estate offices in one of the largest markets, I have encountered almost every type of real estate agent out there. The challenge I find is that most Realtors say they work hard, but do not achieve the results they want. Why? To take […]

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Sales Meeting Nov. 7, 2011, Part 1 & 2

Its not what we do once in awhile that counts. Its our consistent action over time that makes the difference.

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Real Estate people never lie …

Real Estate people never lie … or do they? Have you ever made a promise to a client and that not kept it? Maybe we all do … and isn’t that actually lying? On this quick video, Neil Schwartz will train you to “Under-Promise & Over-Deliver”. You’ll see how you can increase your income by […]

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Your competition is doing it RIGHT now …

Take 2 minutes to watch this video and you’ll find out exactly what your competition is doing. It’s not hard, it doesn’t take a long time and it won’t cost you a penny. Click on Neil Schwartz’s video link now.

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Follow-up, Follow-up, and Then Follow-up Some More!

Take just a couple of minutes and you’ll learn that all of us have lost deals because we’re not following up well … in fact, let’s be honest … often times we’re not following up at all!    Lead follow-up simply separates the PROSPECTS vs the SUSPECTS as you’ll see when you watch Neil Schwartz […]

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Oct. 31, 2011 Sales Meeting Part 1, 2

Crank it up! What one thing could you do or change that would take you to the next level?

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